De Paseo por Manhattan: first approach is a travel blog created by Lunarota2, an Italian girl passionate about New York city.
This blog was put online in the middle of 2016. More of 50 articles have been published.
I was talking with Lunarota2, through Upwork, about a new collaboration to create the new layout and improve the Google index.

Business goals

  • It's mandatory to create a new layout much more appealing.
  • New store (ecommerce). With new website, Lunarota2 is creating travel package for visitors.
  • Improve Google index and SEO strategy.
  • Social network presence and strategy. How to, what and when.

Next steps: definition

  • Who are the competitors?: I'm going to choose 3 competitors. For each one: Website analysis, SEO strategy, keywords, backlinks, Social Media presence
  • First approach with the layout: Wireframe, mockup and prototype about desktop and mobile version
  • Code: Theme creation and testing
  • Indexing: SEO configuraion, keywords planner, backlinks, Structure Data, Rich Cards, etc.

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