Axis Corporate is an international management consulting firm dedicated to improving companies’ business results.
Since 2015, I have been working as Front-End developer and Digital Marketing Specialist to create the corporate website and SEO strategy.


  • layout not updated since 2010
  • no responsive
  • no Google index
  • no Social Network strategy
  • Wordpress core & plugins not updated
  • Management panel complicated
  • NEW Corporate Branding


Two different versions were designed: the first one in May 2016, the last one in Octuber 2017.
The first mockup has been created by the Somos'agency (Barcelona).
I have, only, developed the Wordpress theme and mobile version.
In January 2017, due to change of company strategy, I have redesigned the whole website project:

  • Wireframes, mockup and prototype
  • Wordpress theme
  • Custom mobile version
  • SEO Google strategy


It has taken eight months to put online the second version.
The layout is more actual and actrative.
Due to new design, Google Analytics KPI's have been substantially increased.
With a strenght collaboration with Marketing' team, we have increased number of sessions, improved averageg Time/Pageviews and decreased % Bounce Rate.

Working in progress...

Type Description Expected End Date
Web   Responsive web & SEO strategy about travel blog In progress
Web Responsive web & SEO strategy about Italian coffee brand 2018, Feb
SPA Dashboard analytics Marketing departament 2018, Feb
Web Last revision and improvements web 2018, Mar


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